Monday, March 06, 2006

Chapter 5 - Saturday Mourning Part 2

The bitch! Noel thought as she quickly navigated the corridors. She had given The Corporation the best part of ten years' service and this was how Friday sought to repay her. Betrayal was nothing new to her, but this time it stung.

Noel snaked her way through the maze. There had to be an InfoPod somewhere, which would indicate where she was, and more importantly where to locate Ms. Friday. Undoubtedly her wrist chip and access codes would have been disabled by the See.

Checking that there were no cameras and no guards, Noel stopped briefly to remove her right shoe (standard issue) and unclipped the heel to reveal a Multi-Access Chip (not so standard issue). She had savagely dug the chip from a Seer's skull before dumping her body in an incinerator two years previously. It had been when she had first got wind that things were not as they seemed in the corporation.

Still the chip would be of no use to her without the InfoPod or an I-Station. She retrieved the chip from the well of the heel, snapped it back and slipped the shoe back on.

After rounding several corners unsuccessfully she finally chanced upon an I-Station. She brushed the chip across the access screen. "Bingo..." she whispered, a smile curling the corners of her mouth.

Noel found Ms Friday's location with ease. Payback was going to be beautiful.

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