Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chapter 1 ~ Pleasure after Business

Noel sat at the end of the bar where she could see everyone that entered. It was a small local bar filled with smoke and business men. Finally she saw him, the man she was waiting for. He was tall and well built with dark hair and eyes. The grey business suit he wore blended in with the other men as he took a seat in the middle of the bar. Noel ordered a another drink for herself and second one for him. She motioned for him to join her when the bartender pointed her out.

"Thanks for the drink." He said as he stared at her chest. She turned towards him and his eyes moved down to the short black skirt that showed off most of her long shapely legs.

"You're welcome. Have a seat."

After a little conversation and a few more drinks for him they decided to leave the bar. He drove them to the nearest cheap hotel and checked them in while she waited. As soon as they were in the room she pressed herself against him. As they kissed she slipped his jacket off and he began unbuttoning her deep red blouse revealing a black silk bra. She pulled him towards the bed and sat on the end. Kneeling before her he kissed her neck moving lower. She pressed his head against her breasts and reached behind her for the dagger hidden in her waistband.

He died quickly and quietly, just how she liked it. She buttoned her blouse and retrieved his keys from the jacket lying in the floor. In the backseat of the car she found his briefcase and the disc she was sent to retreive. A quick drop-off and her business would be done. Noel smiled to herself. With her business finished so early, there was plenty of time to go out for a little fun.

Charpter 2


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