Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chapter 3 - Compound Interest

There was no pretense of drinks this time. Noel was waiting for him. This one managed to hold her gaze with barely a flicker over the rest of her. A bit strange to Noel. “Let’s get out of here,” his low voice carried a trace an accent. She tucked her arm in his, and with an imperceptible shake of her head she answered the question in the bartender’s eyes – she was okay. And she left with the man.

The silence was unbroken, except for his quick, “we’re nearly to the compound”. He kept his eyes glued to the road, not risking the dangerous curves in the seat next to him. Various checkpoints and many turns through a labryinth of nondescript buildings brought them to one just as plain as the others, but slightly wider.

The driver stopped the car, and Noel’s mind was racing. Ms. Friday was well connected, but it had been too easy to navigate the compound. She wasn’t surprised when the man yanked her from the car, “what did you do with the disk? Give it to me!” Her laugh echoed across the deserted compound, and a smile ticced the corners of his mouth. He wasn’t totally without humor, she realized. Too bad. He propelled her into the building. Three doors down from the entrance, he thrust her into a room. The quiet snick of the lock didn’t bother Noel as the man left. Her gaze swept the room: gray walls, gray metal table, unforgiving chairs. She draped herself on the table and waited.

Some time later, her escort stepped back into the room. Noel saw his barely concealed reaction to the glimpse of red lace offered underneath her microskirt. He recovered quickly, but Noel was smug. He wasn’t immune. He turned to leave, tossing over his shoulder, “the boss will be here soon.”

Noel oozed off the table, “hey Handsome, wanna play?”

His mistake was turning. His mistake was assuming that Noel was unarmed because she was half-naked and empty handed. His mistake. The credit card shaped blade sliced through his esophagus. His last gasp of surprise mingled with her sigh of regret as she lowered him to the floor – such a waste; he really was a gorgeous one.

“Never a dull moment for you, is there, Noel?” the tone was malicious and Noel’s gaze yanked to the door.

“Ms. Friday!”


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